July 26, 2017 | Porn Stars

Colby Keller: Yep, I voted for Trump, but ...

Colby Keller and Chris Baker

Porn stars, just like everyday Joes, can lean left or right when it comes to politics. Some are open about their positions (of the political sort) and some are more private.

Colby Keller is the former. He has strong opinions and he isn't afraid to share them. We knew he wasn't going to vote for Hillary Clinton. We knew he didn't mind if Donald Trump won, hoping to would create such a powerful groundswell of opposition that the current system would fail and a new, better, far left system would be put in place.

He even said he was going to vote for Trump. Yep, rather than voting for someone he believed would best reflect his views -- and we understand that would mean he couldn't support Clinton, either -- he decided to help release the current mess of an administration on the US.

Colby Keller

He was asked to explain his views and recently agreed to do so again in an interview with online personality Chris Baker.

“I’m not liberal at all. I’m very far to the left,” explained Keller. "The problem is that the liberals aren’t to the left. People think that they are…I’m a communist.
“I think the problem is that I don’t support Trump. I did vote for Trump. That’s the distinction.” (Well, if you say so.)
Keller has received a lot of flak for his views. He even said it could hamper expanding his porn-based Colby Does America art series to other countries.
“I’ve kind of blown my social capital wad, so I don’t know if it’s possible at this time [to do more of the project]…but maybe. Maybe in the future people will learn to forgive me.”
Colby Keller
Of course, the interview veers into a variety of topics, from Keller's favorite TV show to what he named his cock. So if you are still a fan, check out his interview below.

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