July 25, 2017 | Studio Flixxx

Bruce LaBruce collaborates with Cocky Boys

CockyBoys will soon be releasing a collaboration with badboy filmmaker Bruce LaBruce, whose oeuvre is known for explored themes of sexual transgression. LaBruce often blends the production techniques of independent film with gay pornography, which makes him a natural fit with CockyBoys' owner and director Jake Jaxson.

Jaxson and LaBruce are currently on location in Berlin working with an all-star cast including Francois Segat, Colby Keller, Dato Foland and Arad WinWin; as well as CockyBoy exclusive's Sean Ford, Levi Karter, Calvin Banks and Allen King.

The series will consist of four short films. The first two were shot on location in Madrid and the final two are being completed now in Berlin.  LaBruce is known for sexually charged and stranged films such as No Skin Off My Ass, Hustler White, Raspberry Reich, Skin Gang and L.A. Zombie (which also starred Francois Sagat).

According to LaBruce, the upcoming anthology has "more high-end production values than are usually found in porn, with an emphasis on characters and narrative. The resulting four films -- Diablo in Madrid, Uber Menschen, The Purple Army Faction, and Fleapit -- represent an attempt to return to more classical forms of porn storytelling.”

Expect to see the videos released on Cocky Boys later this year, as well as a DVD release in time for Christmas.

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