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Review date: December 2016

*Quickie reviews are not scored and describe the content of individual sites within a network. For a detailed, scored review of the network that includes Circle Jerk Boys, see our Pride Studios Review.

Circle Jerk Boys was the original, flagship site of the Pride Studios Network; but some time after the acquisition of Pride Studios by porn giant Gamma, it was decided that Circle Jerk Boys would no longer be updated. The quality of this personality rich, Miami-based offering has never been in doubt so we'll miss the updates, but the consolation is that in addition to the voluminous CJB archive, there are several other sites included with the Pride Studios network.

Circle Jerk Boys does not actually have a lot of circle jerks on it, but it does feature a great mix of white, Latino and a few African-American men. The majority of scenes are hardcore action where these mostly straight studs are hooked up with each other in pairs, threesomes and more. You'll definitely encounter a unique personality, which comes through in the colorful descriptions and in the episodes that include "Behind the Scenes" video interviews.

Circle Jerk Boys logs in at 540 videos,; about 40% are in high-definition. Updates stopped in late 2014, but the Pride Studios network updates at least three times a week.

For an in-depth, scored review of the network that includes Circle Jerk Boys, see our Pride Studios Review .

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