April 15, 2017 | Funny Bits

Hoppy Easter Weekend!

We dug back into our archive to bring you proof that the Easter Bunny can be a sexy(ish) mo-fo when he wants to be!

It's the love child of Dr Frank'n'Furter and the Easter Bunny.


Easter basket

We always suspected the Easter Bunny had a big basket.


Easter erection

Thanks to Viagra, the Easter Bunny now has a place to hang his baskets.



It's funny because it's true!


This is what happens when you cross the Easter Bunny and a bear.


The Easter Bunny hides the egg; the Big Bad Wolf tries to find the egg; and the sexy twink enjoys every minute of it.


Behind the scenes at the Easter Cream Egg factory.


Eggs up butt

A record begging to be broken! 


Hot Easter Bunny hunk

Now that's a treasure trail!


Hot Easter Bunny

'I've got a special cream-filled treat in my basket for you.'


Easter Bunny twink.

It's the Easter Bunny's personal fluffer.


Big egg gay Easter Bunny.

He's just happy he finally got that thing out!


Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy

The Easter Bunny secretly wanted to be the Tooth Fairy.


Patrick Fillion's Easter Bunny

And now you know why we stay up late hoping to catch the Easter Bunny in action!

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