December 16, 2016 | Sex & Society

Pittsburgh says no to "gay conversion therapy"

conversion therapyPittsburgh, Pennsylvania's City Council voted unanimously to ban gay "cure" therapies for minors. 
The city declared such therapies were harmful and should not be applied to anyone under 18. 
The mayor has promised to sign the law, and once enacted, the ban will prohibit mental health professionals within the city's limits from trying to change the sexuality of young people. The penalty: $300 for each offense or 30 days in prison for failure to pay.
“We join a growing list of cities that have taken these kinds of steps," said Bruce Kraus, the president of the Council. "I suspect more will follow.”
Councillor Dan Gilman, a co-sponsor of the bill, said the move was a response Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s past support for so=called conversion therapies.
"I can only hope other cities and boroughs across the state do this and that the Senate hears us," Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak added. "Because we really do need statewide protection from this."
California, New Jersey, Oregon, Illinois and Vermont have already established a similar ban on the state level. Seattle and Cincinnati have banned it within their respective city limits.
Be ready for a fight, though; there are some angry right-wing Christians just waiting to knock us all down a peg or two!

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