November 4, 2016 | Sex & Society

French court: calling someone a homophobe is illegal

Sad French mimeA court in France has decided that the term "homophobe" is offensive and is grounds for a defamation lawsuit.
Laure Pora, the former president of the Paris branch of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP), led her group in a protest against pro-life group Jerome Lejeune Foundation over its support of aggressively anti-gay La Manif Pour Tous. During the 2013 protest, the group posted pictures of La Manif founder Ludovine La Rochère with the term "homophobe" printed on them.
"Describing La Manif Pour Tous as homophobic is a criminal offence," said the organization’s lawyer, Henri de Beauregard. The group sued Pora.
This week, the Cour d’Appeal ordered Pora to pay €800 to anti-LGBTI group La Manif Pour Tous. She also must pay the judicial cost of €1,500.
Initially the courts deemed Manif Pour Tous’ complaint "inappropriate for a procedural problem," but La Manif appealed the decision.
You know the world is in danger when a progressive, Western country decides that calling a homophobe a homophobe is illegal. Maybe "Freedom Fries" weren't such a stupid idea after all.

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