September 2, 2016 | Studio Flixxx

Of course there's a Pokemon gay porn parody

Fuckemon Go is at it again, creating yet another gay porn parody. So far the company has taken on the X-men, and the Avengers, and even Tarzan; and now it has added Pokemon to the list!

"After a long day of mastering their ball-handling technique catching Fuckémon, Ash (Johnny Rapid) and his buddy, Brock (Will Braun), are in for a surprise. When the boys hunt down and catch a rare Peek-a-Choo (Adam Bryant), he evolves into a muscular sex god. What are these boys to do when faced with a hunky, real-life Peek-a-Choo?”

Well, if you're in a porn vid, you pull out your cocks and get to work!

Fuckemon Go

Fuckemon Go

Check out the x-rated trailer here!

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