October 6, 2015 | Studio Flixxx

Icon Male releases first bareback series

Real Couples Bareback porn DVD from Icon MaleIcon Male normally expects its models to use condoms in its videos. However, the company has just released a one-off condom-free series called Real Couples Bareback.
The film explores the sexual relationships of four real life couples, including Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro, Trent Ferris and Sam Truitt, Adam Russo and Cutler X, and Ian Levine and Myles Landon.
“We choose to remain a condom studio because we feel it's safer for a multitude of reasons, yet I wanted to do one series where I could remove all limitations without compromising talent safety," explained director Nica Noelle. "Shooting real life couples having sex the way they do at home was an obvious solution to this conundrum.
"Not only did the couples feel physically safe on every level, but it also allowed them to express levels [of] intimacy they may not be able to reach with any other scene partner.”
Noelle added: “Our ‘real couples’ are very diverse — we have young couples, older/younger, mature ... the relationships we chose to spotlight reflect what fans have come to expect from Icon Male casting. But the fact that these couples go home together at the end of the day just makes it a little more special.”
One moment of note does not even include sex. “I think the interview sequence with Billy and Seth Santoro is going to make anyone with a heart tear up," she said. "It's so touching and beautiful that you almost forget there's an explosive sex scene coming up right afterwards."
Will this truly be a one and done series? It's hard to tell, but you can guarantee that if the series does well, there's bound to be more made in the future.
Real Couples Bareback will be released on October 16, 2015. (Until then, you can check out some of Icon Male's other scenes and series here!)

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