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Photos - 260 sets of 40 images

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Enthusiastic amateurs.
Nothing 'live' on the site; misleading tour claims.

Review date: January 2015

Jason Sparks has started up a few websites: Club Jason Sparks, Dirty Boy Society and Jason Sparks Live. Now he is concentrating his porn efforts on "Jason Sparks Live Bareback Road Trip," which must set a record for most verbose porn website name ever. From the name we assumed that real-time, interactive live shows would make up a major component of the newly re-branded site. But we were wrong. The only thing live is the usual upsell to a third-party cam site.

On the upside, Jason has a different approach to finding and filming models. He travels the country looking for sexy and horny amateurs and pairs them up for enthusiastic, condomless fuck fests. The videos all start with an interview conducted by Jason so there is some good personality to the site. While the video quality could be better - and there's no information anywhere on the site about model protection - if you are looking for amateurs in raw action, this is a good choice.


The tour could be better. On the homepage there is a vertical filmstrip with several thumbnails from recent scenes. One of these is highlighted in an embedded player, but if you click this video image you will be taken to the sign-up page. To get the free clips you have to click the small "Play" buttons at the bottom right of the player. While there is a mirror of the site's video index, there aren't any more clips to see; clicking on any of the thumbnails takes you right to the sign-up page. Furthermore, the tour is misleading in that it tells you that you have access to two other sites. Club Jason Sparks is an exact duplicate of Jason Sparks Live Bareback Road Trip. And the 25 scenes on Dirty Boy Society (which no longer updates) are also on JSLRT.


Navigation should be more intuitive. There is a model index as well as a general search box, and category tags on all the videos. This is all good. But a vertical category checkbox list on the homepage forces the rest of the content down the page. And the indexes are finicky. If you click on the title of a scene, you'll be taken to the full scene description with tags, photos and video options. But you're much more likely to click on the thumbnail image instead, which causes the video to pop-up in a layover screen. You could spend a long time on the site not even realizing that there are individual video pages with value-added content and options.

The Men and the Action

There's a variety of man types on the site, but for the most part the guys are college age. A good number you won't have seen before as they are true road-trip discoveries. The sex is almost all straight-up conventional, with few kinks or variations.

We could find no information about testing models for HIV on this site: no disclaimers, warnings or any kind of statements about how models are screened or even an acknowledgement that there is such a thing as safer sex. After inquiring, we were assured that models are interviewed beforehand and, on the day of the shoot, are tested, which substantially reduces the risk of pairing HIV positive and negative scene partners.

Video Details

The video quality is generally very good at the default sizes, with some loss of quality when upsizing to full screen. Jason handles the camera well, providing a good variety of poses and angles. At times he's a bit too fond of extreme closeups that become disorienting after a while.

There are 324 videos on the site. At review time it was being updated around once every five days..

About 30% of the videos are filmed in HD, with a maximum bitrate of 2,100 kbps and a size of 1280x720 pixels. These will stream in a Flash player in your choice of three qualities, or download in the highest quality in MP4 format.

Screens: There is a mobile version of the site included with your membership. The videos specs come in just under what would look good on a larger, TV-sized screen.

Image and Other Content

There are image galleries for all the videos; some have over a hundred good-sized digital photos, others as few as a dozen. Remember you have to click on the text title of a scene in order to get to the photos. There is now a total of 26 video plug-ins as bonus content. Many of the most popular plug-ins are included.

Summing Up

With this site, Jason Sparks seems to have found his place in gay porn, with a unique amateur road trip fantasy. While more clarity on model safety would be desirable, this site should prove to be satisfying for fans of amateur raw sex.

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Quality 26/33
Quantity 15/20
Personality 5/5
Video Options 5/6
Updates 5/6
Content 55/70
Tour 2/5
Usability 9/15
Fairness 2/5
Value 4/5
User-friendly 17/30

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Condoms: No
No information on model screening on the site.
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1 day: $4.95
(rebills @ $24.95)

30 day: $24.95
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Jason Sparks Live is operated by Gunz Blazing and has been online since 2013.

260 (avg. 20 min.) DRM: Stream and Download

Photos - 260 sets of 40 images

Works well on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Enthusiastic amateurs.
Nothing 'live' on the site; misleading tour claims.

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