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Porn Surfing 101 - Large screen viewing

It can be a lot more satisfying watching porn on your large flat panel TV, from the comfort of your favorite chair,  than perched at a desk or table. Most porn websites offer video in high-definition quality, which generally looks great on the big screen.  

There are two major ways to watch Internet video on your TV.  One is a direct wired connection from your computer or device to the TV.  The second is to wirelessly stream the content, which usually requires a  media box of some type.

Wired Connection - Easy and Cheap

While it's not the prettiest solution, setting up a wired connection is dead simple if you have an HDTV with an available HDMI port. Buy an HDMI cable and connect one of the TV's HDMI ports directly to your Internet-connected laptop. Use an adapter if your device does not have an HDMI port (for example Apple products).  

Switch your TV's "video source" to the connected HDMI input and the TV screen becomes a giant monitor. Using your wireless mouse and keyboard you can surf on over to your favorite membership site and stream a video, opting for Full-Screen.

With a wired connection you can also watch downloaded videos (though if using an Apple device, the video must be moved to iTunes first.)

Wireless streaming

There are many gadgets that will wirelessly stream Internet content to your TV. 

1. Connect a media box to your TV. Probably the best, if you like Apple products, is Apple TV.

2. Connect to the box via wifi with your laptop or mobile device

3. Surf the web to get to the content you want.

4. Inside the website, choose a video to stream in HD.

You can also watch videos that have been downloaded to your laptop (if using an Apple system, the video has to be moved to iTunes firest)

Some newer televisions have Google TV built into them. This allows you to browse sites and play videos as you would normally without any additional equipment or connections. 

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