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Porn Surfing 101 - Mobile porn

More and more sites now offer a fully responsive experience for their members. That means the site will work well no matter what size of screen you are using.  In BananaGuide's site reviews we tell you what a particular site offers for mobile users. 

Sites that have a responsive design (or a mobile-friendly plus a desktop version)

By far the best deal for you, these porn companies recognize that customers should be able to readily enjoy  content from desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets -- all for one inclusive price. These sites can be accessed and easily navigated on smart phones, tablets and full-sized screens. 

Sites that include mobile video formats but do not have a mobile-friendly design

Some sites provide video (MP4) that will stream direct to a mobile device, but the actual site design is meant for a large screen and so is a pain to navigate on a small screen. While having a mobile video format available to stream is a definite plus, a mobile-friendly interface is also really helpfull. 

Sites with no mobile options

There are still some sites that don't offer anything for mobile users, but that is changing fast.

In our opinion, gay porn sites that offer all of their content in a fully resposive design suited to all interfaces are  the best deal for the consumer.

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