November 25, 2010 | Porn Stars

Harlow Cuadra is still appealing

Cuadra HarlowIt has been some time since the murder of Bryan Kocis, the gay porn producer who was was brutally killed, and his house set on fire, in 2007.  Harlow Cuadra, a porn model and aspiring porn producer himself, was later charged and convicted of the murder. One of the reasons for the killing was a rivalry over  a young porn star you may have heard of,  Brent Corrigan.

Joseph Kerekes, Harlow's accomplice, pleaded guilty to Kocis’ death and received a life sentence. He also turned on Cuadra, his former lover and business partner, helping the prosecution to prove its case. Cuadra was sentenced to life in prison.

Since then Cuadra has appealed his conviction and sentence, basing it on the competence of the judge in the case. He argues that the judge was guilty of making mistakes in other trials he was presiding over during the same time he ruled on the Kocis murder.

In October, a state appellate court in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania upheld the murder conviction and life sentence. “We can find no error in its factual findings and corollary legal conclusions,” the appellate court ruled.

Now Cuadra is appealing to the State Supreme Court.

Funny that he isn't appealing on the basis of his innocence ...

Court Brief [The Times Leader]

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