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Wolf Hudson: the tea-bagger revealed

Wolf HudsonBananaGuide Interview
There isn't a shy bone in Wolf Hudson's body. The fan-dubbed 'King of Kink' doesn't just like showing off, he loves it ... whether he's YouTubing, dancing, or impaling a guy on the end of his dick.

Recently he started a campaign to co-host the 2009 Grabby Awards, and he really thinks he's the only man who can keep up with power drag queens Honey West and Chi Chi LaRue. He's even been bribing fans with a tea-baggin' for the position. (Hey, mister, do we get tea-bagged for this interview?)

We wanted to get some dirt on this popular (and perverted) pornstar. Check out our interview after the jump ...  

Wold Hudson with an erection 

Someone's going to lose an eye ...

BananaGuide: Why do you want to co-host the Grabby's so badly?

Wolf Hudson: Because it's something I truly feel I can do and want to do. I love to entertain, both on screen and in front of an audience. I want to bring something new. Comedy, dance ... and give back to my fans who have supported me along the way. People know I have a dark sense of humor, so I want to bring that and more to everyone live.
You recently offered a tea-baggin' to anyone who voted to make you co-host of the upcoming Grabby's ... are you serious about the offer? And are you prepapred for the long line-up of eager mouths?

I was only kidding with that offer, just to show people that I can be funny. But if people are voting for that reason, then I will not fail them. The fact that they are taking the time to vote for me is an incredible honor. That's something my fans will remember and make for an awesome story. Am I prepared for the long lines? We'll have to see. lol
How did you even get into porn?

I got started doing porn after seeing an ad on Craigslist for a gang bang. I went to the shoot and did really good. I took it serious a couple of months later when I decided to move to California and work for the major studios and it has been one hell of a ride. It was never something that I ever thought I'd be doing, but I am so glad I am now in the business. It's wonderful to travel, work with amazing people and entertain horny people.
If not porn, what would you be doing?

Oh, I would still be dancing professionally. I have studied Hip-Hop and Modern Jazz for almost ten years. It's one of my true passions. I still dance to this day. I love Michael Jackson. I even did a naked Michael Jackson dance for Dirty Bird Picture's "MUG SHOTS" and a G-rated version on Youtube. It's crazy funny.

Wolf Hudson is the King of Kink

"I'm ready for my spit'n'shine!"

What makes you the King of Kink?

My onscreen persona is filthy and dark. I have always been about doing edgy and groundbreaking work in the biz. I like playing in BDSM scenes, especially for kink.com. A fan of mine came up to me and said he really liked my stuff and said, "Dude... you are soo kinky and dirty. You are like the "King of Kink". I LOVED that title and started using it.
Now, you define yourself as straight ... are you? Or is there a little bi in there?

I am not conventional. I am not fully straight because I do gay porn, but I'm not Bi because I don't date men in my personal life. I define myself as a "Sexualist". I think Chi Chi LaRue came up with that term and it works for me. I support all lifestyles and I live mine the way I feel comfortable. I have no trouble having sex with men; ask anyone in the industry and they will tell you I am very professional and NEVER disrespect anyone. I take pride in being open minded.
Favorite thing about doing porn?

I can let go of my inhibitions and become any sex crazed character people dream of. It's honestly one of the best feelings, being in front of the camera and strutting my stuff. The fact that people are getting off on my stuff is AWESOME and makes it more exciting every time I shoot.
Where can we see you next?

I have a scene coming up very soon for CockyBoys.com with Andrew Blue. I sorta play into the "King of Kink" role, but a little bit more low key. Its very different from any Cockyboys scene on the site. And of course more stuff from BoundGods.com.

Wolf Hudson naked

Proof that Wolf Hudson even looks good in a tie.

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