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Exclusive video is by far the most popular type of content on any pay site. All of the best sites offer exclusive video; others only offer "plug-in" or leased content provided by another porn production company; the same plug-in content is therefore available on many different sites.

Much of the time you get a lot more than just sex in the videos;  there are often video interviews with the guys before they get into the sex, so you get more of a feel of their personality and background. Videos are usually between 10 and 20 minutes long and can be of superb quality -- or absolute crap.

Stream or Download?

Most pay sites offer two types of video: streams and downloads.

True streaming video allows you to watch the video as it is "streamed" from the porn site to your computer. With true streaming video you can jump back and forth to any part of the video as soon as it starts to play. Streaming video does not save on your computer for future playback.

However some video that is called "streaming" is actually a "progressive download"; with progressive downloads the video with start to play for you from the beginning as it downloads the rest of the file to your computer's Temp folder. Usually you cannot skip forward or back within the video until that part of the video has downloaded; sometimes you cannot skip forward or back until the entire download is complete, which usually takes a few minutes.

Under ideal conditions streaming video is clear and continuous, but top of the line technology must be used to create, send and receive the video. Usually, downloaded videos provide superior playback.

Downloaded video saves a large file to your computer. You must wait for the video to completely download before watching it. This can take several minutes because they can be very large files.

Most pay sites allow you to keep and view downloaded video files as long as you like; others only offer streaming -- so you have to remain a member to see the video again. 

Video Formats

There are a number of different formats for Web video, including:

MPEG-4 (MP4, M4V) is by far the dominent format for both downloads and streams; it will play on almost any browser or device. 

QuickTime (MOV), is almost identical to MP4, and is usually played with the QuickTime Player

Flash is still a popular format for streaming video.

Windows Media (WMV), usually played with the Windows Media Player, used to be popular, but many sites no longer offer it.

You may also occasionally find video offered in outmoded formats such as DivX, AVI or Real Media.

New free versions of the video players are released regularly. 


Most pay site offer thousands of pictures along with their videos. The images are usually much larger and of better quality than those you will find on free sites and blogs.

Some pay sites don't bother with true digital photos, instead providing stills from their videos (known as "video captures," or "vidcaps" for short.) Vidcaps can range from quite sharp (if the video is high-definition) to awfully blurry (if they aren't processed correctly). Vidcaps can also only be enlarged to a certain point before they lose quality so they are seldom as large as true digital photos. On the other hand, there are some pay sites that take care to provide a full set of high-quality digital photos to complement each and every video.    

You can usually save any picture you're looking at by right-clicking on it and choosing "Save Picture As". Many paysites also allow you to download an entire photoset as a zip file which you then unzip to a folder on your hard drive. Very often you can also view the photos in a "slide-show" mode.

Live Sex

Many pay sites include access to real time sex shows or voyeur cameras. With live sex shows performances occur on a regular schedule. Recorded highlights of past shows are also usually archived on the site.

Voyeur sites  have several cameras situated in a living space so you can observe several guys as they go about their business. Nudity and sex do occur, but the episodes are not as scripted as the live sex shows.

The quality of video for live streams is not as good as for regular streaming or downloaded videos. Usually the sites include text chat so you can chat with other observers and / or the performer while watching. 

Almost always, live sex is an upsell on membership sites, not included with your monthly membership. 

More Content ...

Aside from video, images and live sex, a pay site might also include leased video feeds and ezines, erotic stories, chat, personals, forums, games, news and lifestyle articles.

Because pay sites depend on the customer remaining a member, they know they have to provide him with tons of high quality, exclusive content which is updated frequently -- and the best ones do! 

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