January 16, 2018 | Hotties

Check out the "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" studs stripping

Hunks from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

In a recent episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the three main male leads got on stage to strut their stuff as strippers. 

"White" Josh (David Hull) and Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster) are depressed over their recent breakups. Josh, who is gay, takes Nathaniel to a gay club for a drink. The two eventually end up on stage stripping while singing about how hard it is to be hot, fit, and handsome!

Josh Chan, played by Vincent Rodriguez III, ends up joining them just in time to lose his pants.

Rodriguez revealed that he's actually been a go-go boy in real life. “I wasn’t making that much money at the time. I had like five other jobs to help survive and pay my bills,” he said. “I’ve been a bartender, and I did the bartending episode. I’ve been a go-go boy, and now I’m doing a go-go boy episode. Art imitates life.”

Hull was also experienced in shaking his butt on stage as a dancer, “I think my lowest night was three hours of switching boxes with another dancer and I made two dollars. I’ve been there, I’ve done that,” he explained. “Thankfully [Josh] is better at it than I. He obviously made more money doing it. It wasn’t something for me in my real life that I wanted to pursue. It was a way to make ends meet and basically pay for my art.”

Check out their moves below:

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