January 3, 2018 | Sex & Society

New York gym allowing patrons to exercise in the nude

Imagine going to your local gym, only to be surrounded by sweaty, naked bodies of all shapes and sizes; their dangly bits swinging with each flex, and their butts fully exposed with each bend.

Well, Hanson Fitness in New York is launching nude workout sessions starting Friday, January 5. The Soho-based gym is not your run-of-the-mill YMCA; it boasts such clientele as Rihanna, Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts.
The gym itself is not going to be a nudist paradise. Only specific classes will permit participants to toss aside all their clothing. The gym claims naked exercising allows for "skin breathing, the release of endorphins due to Vitamin D from sunlight and complete body awareness so you can see if you're cheating on your exercise routines." (We're sure your skin can breathe just fine in your shorts and tank top. And how much Vitamin D do they think you'll get from those fluorescent lights?)
“Our approach makes sure our members get and stay in the absolute best shape, and our new naked personal fitness sessions are no exception,” argued founder Harry Hanson, “This new development brings with it a range of fitness and health benefits and allows our members to have a little cheeky fun in the process!”
The gym offers a bit of a cheat to those who are shy, as you are allowed to wear nude underwear to the sessions.
naked gym

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