October 10, 2017 | Porn Stars

Porn model Jason Domino speaks in favor of PrEP at UN

Jason Domino UN
Jason Domino is both a porn model and an activist. As the former, he has worked with sites like Badpuppy and Blake Mason. As the latter, he founded Porn4PrEP, a group of porn stars hoping to use their position to educate others within the industry, as well as fans. 
Last week, he went to the UN in Geneva to talk about HIV at a human rights conference. The focus of his speech was the need for sex education and the power of PrEP.
"I spoke about the activism coming from the adult film industry. Porn4PrEP is challenging countries approaches to sex education," he explained. "They should include modern HIV knowledge and LGBTQ inclusive lessons."
During the speech, Domino focused on how various marginalized groups needed better information about, and access to, PrEP. 
"I also represented the need to consider those with mental health conditions and learning difficulties as a key vulnerable group at risk of contracting HIV."
Porn4PrEP was established to work with international studios and performers to create educational adult films and spread awareness of sexual health through social media, art projects and PR.
Other campaign volunteers include Michael Lucas, Tony Parker, Sam Barclay, Gabriel Cross and Nathon Raider. (For a full list you can click here.)
Domino has been open about his journey as a porn star and HIV activist. His first porn scene was with a man who was HIV positive, which spurred Domino to explore PrEP and learn as much as he could about it. He kept most of this to himself until several of his friends became HIV positive, and he quickly realized the importance of helping educate others.

It's great to see porn stars like Domino doing something so proactive.

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