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Get to know more about Logan Moore

Logan Moore
There are many ways to describe Logan Moore: sexy, built, handsome and hot-as-hell.  To top it off, he seems like a really sweet guy as well!
He's been working in porn for about three and a half years. He was approached a few times to get into the biz, but he kept saying no; however, his friends convinced him that he had what it takes and he decided to give it a go. The rest, as they say, is boner-inducing history.
We knew you'd want to learn more about Moore, so we asked him a few questions. Check out his answers below!
Logan Moore
BananaGuide: When you started in porn, what were some of the elements of the business that took you by surprise?
Logan Moore: I was surprised about a few things. I didn't know there would be a fan base in porn! Or that shooting can take up to 6 to 8 to 10 -- or even 20 -- hours for just one scene of sex with a storyline! I was definitely surprised about that one!
Do you remember how you were feeling before your first scene? 
It was not a pleasant feeling, I was nervous and wondering why they asked me to do this! Can I get hard or stay hard? Am I gonna cum in the first [few] minutes and what should I do then? I'm a thinker as you can see and lots of things were going through my mind! But when I started it all went down fine and I just focused on the guys!
Dato Foland, Colby Keller and Logan Moore
Of the scenes you've shot so far, which one stands out to you and why?
Difficult as I shot so many!! But scenes like "Sense 8" as I loved that TV show; I remember it as if I shot it yesterday. Same as "The Look Out" as the chemistry was amazing! "Howl" was my first threesome in porn ... an amazing scene with Dato Foland and Colby Keller! My latest two scenes from MenAtPlay are great. One is called "Style and Blow" with Dani. I think I look my best there!
If you could convince a mainstream celebrity to shoot gay porn, who would it be and what would the scene be like?
Easy one: Colton Haynes, I would marry him, too! Hehe! I would make the scene very passionate and sweaty! Intense but sexy! A good versatile scene showing both of his assets! 
One thing you hate about the biz?
For me the hardest thing in this biz is that you have to arrange for work nonstop! It's always a question if I have work next week or next month as you never know!  But I don't really hate anything in this biz! [Well] maybe the airlines; there is always something with them. Delayed, canceled, missing luggage.
Logan Moore
Favorite thing about working in porn?
The travel and the people you meet! It makes you a richer person to discover new areas and new people! After so many years I have many friends around the world and with this job I mostly go back to the same areas so it's amazing to see all these people again! 
When not in front of the camera, what keeps Logan busy or entertained?
I work a lot as a dancer so definitely that one! But when I'm free it's seeing my friends and family! Games and movies [help me] step out of the world and not think about anything else than the movie or game I'm in! Gym and sports and that's it I guess! Simple guy over here!
If a guy were to hit on you, what does it take to make a good impression? (Asking for a "friend.")
Haha a friend, huh? I would say be yourself, be friendly and polite, but in general have something to say.... a good conversation leads to so much more! 
Logan Moore
Anything else you want to say to your many, many, many fans?
I'm thankful for every fan of mine and all the support they give me! Without you I wouldn't be where I am right now! Really thankful for that! 
If you need even more of Moore, you can follow him on Twitter, Instagram  and Facebook.
And you can check out many of his amazing scenes here!

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