October 2, 2017 | Porn Stars

Kayden Gray discusses violent sexual assault

Kayden Gray is hoping his story about being sexually assaulted at a sex party will help others who may have experienced the same thing and are feeling alone.
Gray sat down with Gay Star News and talked about his experience. He said that he had passed out after overdosing on "G" (ketamine), and that when he woke up he discovered that three men had been having sex with him bareback.
"As a gay man who has grown up in a world that is predominantly straight… I have issues around masculinity," he said. "Getting sexually assaulted, it makes you look like a victim. In fact, you become a victim in that very moment. But a lot of people repress that."
He added: "I thought chemsex was the best sex ever, and I thought that for a couple of years. Then I realized there is a limit and I hit that."
You can watch the interview below.
Gay Star News is hoping to shine a light on the growing issue of chem sex parties. They created another  video about what you need to know about party drugs and sex -- including how to recognise if they're taking over your life.

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