September 29, 2017 | Funny Bits

Comedian Daniel Tosh gets to know the Zakar twins

Daniel Tosh is back with another season of his comedy series Tosh.0. If you don't know him, he's like that annoying friend you have who always says the most outrageous things but somehow gets away with it.

He decided to have the Zakar twins on for his first show. Michael and Zack are popular on social media, and are known for being very open about their lives and their sexuality.

The clip starts off with the three in Tosh’s closet in their underwear, where Tosh gets down to business with some hard hitting questions. And yes, the topic of "twin action" comes up.
“We haven’t had sex with each other,” Zach confirmed. “Not yet.”
Tosh shares that his first French kiss was with his own brother “to see what it felt like.” Zach responds that he “saw Michael’s dick once and I was uncomfortable. I think I went back in the closet just a little.”

Somehow, the three make the uncomfortable talk very funny:

And here are some more examples of why these two are so popular online.

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