September 14, 2017 | Sex & Society

"Temple" opened in NYC to honor Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde temple
If you're not the religious type, but sometimes need a place to go where you can contemplate life and speak to a higher power (or at least a higher wit), then the new secular temple dedicated to Oscar Wilde in New York City just might be the place for you. 
The temple is located in the basement of the LGBT-friendly Church of the Village in Manhattan. It will be open to "worshippers" five days a week, but can also be booked for weddings and other events.
Artists David McDermott and Peter McGough designed the site, and Alison Gingeras will curate it. 
"He invoked all of us to rebel, that it was the inherent quality of human beings to be rebellious, to move society, to be individual," explained Gingeras.
McDermott added that the temple was a place "free of religious doctrine, honouring a watershed historical figure who pioneered the long struggle for equal rights for gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender peoples."
In the temple, there's a four-foot statue of Wilde at an altar, and walls covered with illustrations of tabloid headlines about Wilde during his lifetime. Images of queer individuals like Brandon Teena, Marsha P. Johnson and Alan Turing are also included throughout the site.
Any money raised at the location will be used to support homeless LGBT youth.
Sadly, the Oscar Wilde Temple is not permanent; it will relocate to London after December 2, 
You can find out more about the temple here.

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