September 6, 2017 | Arts / Entertainment

Does this pic make me homophobic?

Noel Fielding and Paul Hollywood

The pic above was posted by Noel Fielding (right) on Twitter. It was a playful image of himself with The Great British Bake Off co-star Paul Hollywood.

It included the caption: “This should put to rest any rumours that me and blue eyes @PaulHollywood don’t get on :) ha ha ha x.”

Although many took the joke in stride, some people were less than impressed. Fielding was called out for being juvenile and silly. Others argued he was being homophobic.

"Gay sex isn’t there for your cheap & nasty humour," tweeted on person. "Rethink your attitude, please ... I’ve responded more patiently than most might."
"Straight guys pretending to be gay HAHAHAHAHAHA," offered another person sarcastically. "How did you guys think of something so hilarious?"
A third person wrote: “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm homophobia."
Are we wrong to think it is much ado about nothing?

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