September 3, 2017 | Sex & Society

Baker takes stand against Trump trans ban

tom gillifordWe are all too familiar with bakers refusing to bake cakes for gay couples, so it's nice to hear about a baker standing up for the queer community.
Thomas Gilliford appeared on Season 7 of BBC's The Great British Bake Off (known as The Great British Baking Show on PBS). What fans of the show may not know is the Gilliford is a very political person. He even left his job as a teacher and criticized the British educational system for creating robots through "exam sweatshops."
He also used baking as a way to share his opinion on the recent federal election in the UK. He created a recipe for cookies he called “Biscuitfesto,” which included phrases like “Vote Kindness” and “Human Rights.”
So it is not at all surprising that he is now speaking out against Donald Trump's recent ban on trans individuals serving in the US military. Gilliford shared a free recipe for a cake he's calling the Soldier’s Sponge. The cake is pink, blue and white, the colors of the transgender flag. The green frosting represents a uniform, and it is topped off with a symbol for the trans community.
“The 45th president of the United States wants to ban Trans people from the military. It is the responsibility of everyone to resist this bigoted attack on those that serve their country,” Giliford explained. “Inside this cake might be the trans pride flag, but on the outside it is in uniform -- because solider has no gender. You can help but donating to the ACLU today.”
That's two yums from us (one for the cake, and one for the cute baker!).
tom gilliford trans cake

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