September 1, 2017 | Sex & Society

Evangelical leaders: we still hate the gays

Sad JesusMore than 150 conservative Christian leaders have come together to express their continued disdain for the LGBT community.
The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood listed a series of beliefs, referred to as the Nashville Statement, as its answer to what it sees as a declining, pro-gay and sex-positive Western world.
"Our true identity, as male and female persons, is given by God. It is not only foolish, but hopeless, to try to make ourselves what God did not create us to be," the statement read. (You can read all 14 articles of the release here.)
John Piper, co-founder of The Council, called the Nashville Statement a "Christian manifesto" on human sexuality.
"It speaks with forthright clarity, biblical conviction, gospel compassion, cultural relevance, and practical helpfulness," Piper said. "It will prove to be, I believe, enormously helpful for thousands of pastors and leaders hoping to give wise, biblical, and gracious guidance to their people."
And yes, some incredibly vile individuals were eager to sign it, including James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, and Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council.
In a series of tweets, LGBT activist Pastor Brandan Robertson of Mission Gathering Christian Church in San Diego, called the statement an affront to God's creative design.
"When your theology breeds death, your theology is not of God," Pastor Brandan Robertson of Mission Gathering Christian Church tweeted. The LGBT activist called the statement an affront to God.
A counter-statement was released by progressive Church groups and queer people of faith. It was called the Nazareth Statement.
“I think it very telling that within hours of the ‘Nashville statement’ being released, Christians United gathered twice as many signatories from church leaders that endorsed a far more affirming, loving and inclusive set of articles that embraces the LGBTI community,” Jayne Ozanne, a member of the Church of England’s general synod, argued.
It's nice to know that in a time of hurricanes and neo-Nazis, The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood has found so much extra free time for this.

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