August 30, 2017 | Porn Stars

Mickey Taylor hospitalized following panic attack

Mickey TaylorPorn star and musician Mickey Taylor took to social media to share a scary ordeal he's been through.

He explained to followers that he was recovering in hospital following a terrible panic attack and some potential heart problems.

"I am staying in overnight so they can pump me full of drugs and liquids and hopefully strengthen [my heart] again," he posted. "Fingers crossed."

In the post he opened up about struggles he has been dealing with, from addiction to depression.

"Bipolar and depression are something I've always had but these past few months I have struggled," he explained. "Between suicide attempts, my alcohol addiction and rehabilitation, breakdowns and now this and my gastritis, I have let it rule me. I need to focus on healing mentally and physically. ... Mental health disease is real."

Taylor is certainly not alone in struggling with mental health issues. Gay men are believed to be four times more likely to commit suicide than straight men; and more than half of the men who identify themselves as gay suffer from anxiety or depression.

The good news is that Taylor has since been released from the hospital.

"I just want to say thank you to everyone for their amazing response and support," he wrote. "You have no idea how amazing it feels to know so many people care, as well as have offered support. It's set a fire up my butt to do better! Therapy and medication start soon, too; so excited for the future and super motivated."

We're sure Taylor will find the strength he needs to work through this!

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