August 24, 2017 | Sex & Society

Aussie escort offers discount for voting yes for same-sex marriage

Ashley Leigh
Female escort Amber Leigh has found an interesting way to advertise her skills and to show her support for same-sex marriage by offering her clients a $100 discount if they vote “yes” in Australia's upcoming public survey on marriage equality.
“I am an advocate for human rights, including LGBTI rights, and Australia still has a long way to go where that is concerned,” Leigh revealed. “I understand that many people are very set in their beliefs and a special offer to see me is not enough to change that. However, keeping the conversation going is the best thing we can do at this stage. The more informed people are, the more likely they are to vote.”
She made the offer on Twitter.
“Formal marriage gives spouses more rights in situations like death, divorce, and rights to their children,” she added. “It is pretty stone-age that so many people do not have these basic human rights just because they are gay.”
It is doubtful that many guys visiting BananaGuide would be looking for the kind of services that Leigh offers, but for you bi and curious men out there, an hour with Leigh will cost you $600. (For a mere $1,800 you can enjoy a threesome with her and her friend Charlotte Quinn.)
Best way to get straight men to do something? Add some pussy!

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