August 14, 2017 | Funny Bits

Porn salad wife goes viral

A scene that went live on a couple weeks ago has achieved viral status -- or at least one catchphrase has. "Right in front of my salad?" is the outraged wife's response upon discovering her hubby (Jaxton Wheeler) has his dick up the ass of private chef Jake Porter.

It does take wifey a while to clue in. She is served an oversized salad and starts munching away, but gradually realizes that, behind the kitchen counter, the chef has no shirt on. And her husband has no pants on. And her husband's sausage is going in and out of the chef's buns.

Needless to say, she does not romaine calm. She leaves in a huff, scandalized that they would do such a thing, "Right in front of my salad?"

The meme has inspired paradies and remixes, like this: has, of course, changed the name of the scene from "Private Lessons: Part 3" to "Right in Front of my Salad?" Here's the gallery; or watch the preview clip at

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