July 7, 2017 | Studio Flixxx

Men.com releases Spider-Man parody

Gay Spider-Man
Today, many geeks -- gay and straight -- are a little more giddy than usual; Spider-Man: Homecoming is out. It's expected to be one of the biggest movies of the summer.
It makes sense, then, that Men.com has released its own homage to the movie with Spider-Man: A Gay XXX Parody. The porn version of the movie was shot in Spain by director Alter-Sin.
“Contrary to [Spider-Man creator] Stan Lee’s straight Spidey, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man swings both ways,” Men.com said.
“Men.com’s Spider-Man: A Gay XXX Parody deviates from the principles of ‘Heteronormativity’ and sheds light on the inclusion of all sexual preferences, identities and specifically homosexuality in the forefront of the industry’s most-dominating franchises,” a Men.com publicist wrote. (Are they hoping it will be shown in schools or something?)
Spider-Man: A Gay XXX Parody stars Will Braun, Tobias, Aston Springs and Myles Landon, and premieres this weekend.
Get ready for a lot of gooey web-slinging!

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