June 18, 2017 | Porn Stars

Boomer Banks has no time for your bigoted bullshit

Boomer Banks

Boomer Banks is a lot of things. He's a porn star. He's a fashion designer. He's a hunk. He's hung. Oh, and he keeps proving he's a super amazing guy!

He posted a pic of himself holding a sign during the DC equality march. It said: "if your profile says no latino, no black, no asian, no fat or fem then you don’t belong here."

"[The sign] caught my attention, I took a picture and posted it," he explained. "I think it got a lot of good and bad responses because some people get it and some people don’t. To me that sign means it’s ok to have preferences -- that’s not something I’m discouraging -- but feeling the need to post those statements on social media? That’s going a little bit further and delving into a racial bias, in my opinion."

Boomer also pointed out that going through life with such limiting dating criteria means guys are missing out on finding amazing partners.

"For me at some point I decided to say “maybe I should date this or that kind of person. Or hang out with this person and see how it goes. You know? And then I realized these people are cool... or I was attracted... or aroused or whatever."

You can read the full interview at here.

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