May 28, 2017 | Porn Stars

Conner Habib: professor of everything

"Against Everyone" is the title of Connor Habib's new web series on sex, the occult, and radical philosophy, launching in June.

Aside from appearing in over 200 porn scenes, Connor has studied science in grad school, taught college English courses, been a sex workers' rights activist and lectured and written on adult film, the occult, and philosophy.

As he explains, his life project is “to make the world a better place for being fully human, so we can be sexual and spiritual and scientific and artful and funny.” The web series aims partly to create a culture in which it’s “easier to be a rebel, a polymath, a slut, a witch, a punk, and an interdisciplinary wierdo.”

Conner will cover such topics as why porn is good for us, technology and consciousness, why the occult matters today and what bacteria can tell us about sexuality, He’ll also have guests such as legendary gay porn director Joe Gage, radical journalist Abby Martin, occultists, and even a mortician!

There are different levels of support if you’re interested, starting at just $1 per month. Against Everyone with Conner Habib.


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