May 15, 2017 | Sex & Society

Posting pics of your penis as an act of protest


It's called "DickPics4Freedom" and it's a new forum on Reddit.

The interesting campaign was inspired by comedian John Oliver’s recent interview with Edward Snowden (the man who leaked classified information from the National Security Agency). Snowden talked about how the US Government has certainly seen those private prick pics you've been sharing. 
Does that mean you should stop uploading pictures of your perfect phallus on the Internet? Not so fast, warned Snowden. “You shouldn’t change your behavior because of a government agency somewhere that’s doing the wrong thing," he argued. "If you sacrifice your values because you’re afraid, you don’t care about those values very much.”
Sadly, we don't get to see the faces of these valiant crusaders for social good, but if you like checking out cocks in all shapes and sizes you can do so here.

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