May 10, 2017 | Arts / Entertainment

Corey TuT's new video features Putin and Trump in bondage play

Trump and Putin BDSM

This week, Stephen Colbert got into trouble for referring to Donald Trump as Vladimir Putin's "cock holster." The far-right used it as an opportunity to slam Colbert by claiming he was being homophobic and, sadly, many people on the left bought into it. The hashtag #firecolbert trended on Twitter, and non-gays educated the rest of us that being called a "cock holster" is homophobic. 

Of course, the joke was really about Trump's sycophantic love for and submission to his dom, Putin. The meme has been used by artists and comedians and writers for some time now, so it really is much ado about nothing.

Take the most recent release from musician Corey TuT, for example. In the video for the single "Involuntary," Putin and Trump's backroom antics are explored, with lots of leather, bondage and abuse. Trump is the bottom boy.

“The video was immediately removed from Buzzfeed Community and on Facebook," Corey TuT revealed. "I have received death threats from Russians and been called names from snowflake (original!) to queer (duh), to sick in the head (perhaps…lol).”

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