April 11, 2017 | Porn Stars

Grabby yourself the "Hottest Bottom"

Last week, we shared some of the best tops in the running for a Grabby Award. This week, it's the bottom boys on display!

These guys are greedy for cock, and prove that simply being able to take a pounding isn't enough for a true porn star; you need a round ass, a pretty hole, and the ability to take on all sizes of dick.

The Grabbys has listed 30 nominees for its "Hottest Bottom" award. That's too many! We've picked eight of our favorite bottoms who are competing for this coveted title.

(You can see the full list of Grabby nominees here.)


Liam Riley

"I love neck kissing, and when guys kiss my hips, I literally start squirming -- it's such a turn on and makes me go crazy." [GayDemon}

Watch Liam work the ass over and over and over again here!



Bruno Bernal gay porn

"I never wanted to be in porn. I was always very shy to show how naughty and how rough I like sex. But a little while ago, I was hanging out with another porn star in London and he convinced me to try. I used to only top with him and my first scene I was top as well, but I guess my ass got more attention. That’s fine with me. Now 99 percent of my scenes, I bottom." [Grabbys]

Check out these galleries to see more of Bruno's butt!



Wesley Woods

"I don’t have any fantasies that I haven’t fulfilled in my personal life that porn wouldn’t give me – or maybe I do and I haven’t quite discovered it, yet! That’s the beautiful part about porn; it has really given me knowledge of myself, my sexuality, and awareness of the man I’m becoming.” [HomoCulture]

Check out some of the tops who have worked over Wesley here!



Mickey Taylor

"I actually never wanted to do porn. The idea of it was never something I wanted for myself. A company right at the beginning contacted me and scouted me asking me to do it and I said no for several weeks. Until I spoke with my mum and she kinda said ' You’re only young once and you’re not gonna stay this way for long so just have fun with live and give it a go.'" [Divine Magazine]

Need more Mickey? Click here!



Darius Ferdynand

"I personally prefer to have a gay or at least bisexual partner on set so there's more chance for real chemistry, connection, and less pretending. Also, I like to be wanted -- I don't wanna be with someone who doesn't desire me." [VICE]

See more of what Darius does best here!



Griffin Barrows

"I like to ride cowboy style, facing him; I get to stroke his chest, play with his hair, and lock eyes as we cum." [Queer Me Now]

There's plenty more Griffin to be seen here!



Devin Franco

“I like to show off… I am a bit of an exhibitionist. I also love getting fucked and pleasing hot muscular guys!" [YNot]

Watch Devin get fucked by so many hot men here!



Brandon Wilde

"I have a wide range of what I’d consider “my type.” I’m really into a manly man, but I like a pretty boy face. I love uncut cock. But honestly I don’t think I have just one type! I prefer heart in a man! But a heart also pumps to his cock!" [Pass The Tea]

This boy can't get enough cock. Proof? Here ya go!

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