April 5, 2017 | Porn Stars

Hottest tops in the biz

We have a few issues with the annual Grabby Awards -- designed to recognize the best of the best in the gay porn biz -- but our biggest complaint is the overly large list of nominations in each category. 

Take "Hottest Top" for example. In this category alone, there are 32 men nominated. Why not just list every top in the industry? 

To be fair, many of the men are indeed hot fuckers who know how to work over a tight bottom. Still, it seems a little lazy not to cut that list down to a more manageable number. With this in mind, we've decided to shrink the list to our top eight (in no particular order).

You can check out all the nominees in all the categories here.


Paddy O'Brian gay porn naked hunk

"For those who think or want to be a porn star, I’ve seen lot of tears in this industry. You have to know your place and be strong and not care what others think or you will break. Be safe and have fun. Plus, never forget your fans." [Man Crush Blog]

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Rafael Alencar gay porn star
"I graduated university with a degree in dentistry, which I know sounds crazy. Can you imagine me drilling your teeth? I also majored in journalism. Basically, I am a nerd who likes to fuck." [Frontiers4Men]
You can see Rafael in action here!
Boomer Banks
“I’m a fashion designer who happens to do porn. That pretty much sums it up for me. I’ve always been told that I’m sexy. I didn’t embrace it for a long time.” [Homoculture]
Need more of that huge cock? Click here for galleries!
Arad Winwin gay porn star
"I don’t jerk off that much, I prefer to have sex. Sometimes I don’t have sex or jerk off for up to 2 weeks, especially during body building competitions." [Queer Me Now]
Need more Arad in your life? Head this way!
Colby Jansen gay porn
"My ultimate fantasy ... is to have two or three guys, bound hands and feet in a doggy style position -- faces towards each other so they can kiss and see what's happening. Then I'd be behind them, paddling, spanking, caning and flogging their asses till they're beat red. Then, I turn them so they're side to side and start working their holes with dildos of various sizes. To finish, I stack them one on top on the other and fuck both or all three in succession, then when I'm about to cum, they all lay on their backs and I cover their faces with my load and they all kiss each other passionately swapping the cum." [GayDemon]
Phew! If you still have anything left to shoot, check out his galleries here!
Tomas Brand
"It all started four years ago when Steve Cruz from Raging Stallion asked me if I was interested [in] doing porn. It had always been a fantasy of mine since I came out as gay, but it was meant to be just [the] three scenes I did in the US and then no more. But, when other companies started sending me requests, I couldn’t say no." [Manzone]
Watch him work more of his magic here!
Kayden Gray
"There were times when I was so shy I couldn’t bring myself to ask a stranger for the time. You could say that confidence, in my case, has been the result of a long journey rather than something I could ever take for granted. And it turns out being an adult performer really works for me. It’s definitely one of the most liberating decisions I’ve made in my life." [ManHunt Daily]
Lots of galleries of this hunk can be found here!
Bruce Beckham
"I love glory hole stuff and blow jobs and hand jobs. There’s something really hot to me about watching a guy’s face as he cums and watching his dick explode at the same time." [Queer Me Now]
Watch him getting off again and again and again here!

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