March 29, 2017 | The Biz

Asian-themed picked up by larger company

Peter Fever
Zbuckz announced this week that it will be taking over, the gay Asian-themed porn site created by Peter Le.
Zbuckz owner Daniel Zeeman said Le would continue to work on the site, but wanted to take time to focus on other interests. 
“He’s looking to focus more on his personal training and his fitness stuff and he wanted to not necessarily get out of the industry but to be able to have someone that he could give his brand to and leave it in good hands,” Zeeman revealed.
“He will still be involved but he didn’t want to have all the responsibility of owning the website and having all the employees and shooting all the content himself. He thought our company was the best match so he just asked me if I’d be interested in buying him out.”
Peter Le
Zeeman has a personal interest in the site's content. He actually lived in Asia for 10 years and speaks fluent Thai.
PeterFever has been online for seven years, and is one of the few Asian American sites ever created.  
“He’s got a really big following mostly because he tried to break the stereotypes of Asians,” Zeeman explained. “Like people have this idea that Asians are kind of feminine or small or whatever. He’s this big, buff really masculine Asian guy. I think in the U.S. people have these stereotypes that Asian men aren’t attractive or have smaller penises or whatever it is, and he wanted to break all these stereotypes. And that’s what really interested me about him.”
Most Asian porn is filmed in Thailand or Japan, often featuring more "twinkish" performers.  PeterFever prefers Asian men with stronger builds. 
Peter Fever gay Asian models
Le will continue to direct some of the videos, and help organize models and locations. However, and this may upset many of his fans, he will no longer do any solo scenes. (He has never done hardcore work with other models.)
The site will be redesigned and optimized for mobile use, and released in the next month or two. And Zeeman promised the models will be more on point going forward (many models aren't muscular, or even Asian, at the moment).
“We’re going to be a little more picky but we’re going to have a very strong brand association,” he said. “If you see a model that’s a more muscular and masculine Asian guy you think PeterFever."
We certainly wish them lots of luck. It'll be nice to have more quality content out there featuring men of Asian heritage.

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