March 11, 2017 | The Biz

Gay porn site pushes racist theme

We recently came across an alarming article about a relatively new gay porn site called Str8UpGayPorn exposed it and its attempts to make racial bigotry the stuff of wet dreams.

The basic premise of the site: racist white cops arresting, jailing and sexually abusing black men. Words like "coco puff," "darkie" and "“spearchucker" are tossed out, turning the "ick" factor up by several degrees.

Here are some sample scene descriptions:

So we busted this bald blackie and took him back to one of our secret spots. We used our cracka cocks to convince him that stealing dumb shit is a dumb idea. Thank god the darkies ain’t all stupid and know that the easy way, is always the better option for all involved.


Dumb, criminal activity, in the middle of the day – oh you better believe some black son of a bitch was doing it. ...  Enjoy your face time with the concrete coco puff. This criminal ... oh it was salty chocolate at first. ... I hope our little darkie friend learned his lesson, but something tells me we’re going to have another meeting with this black snowflake who does whatever he wants.

Of course, scenes of rape -- involving the burglar who gets caught, the new guy in prison, or the drunken frat boy -- pop up on many sites (and are, at times, predominant). These are harmless fantasy. Various sites have been accused of taking things too far by many porn fans, though others have been just as quick to defend them as nothing more than roleplay.

Still, there's something more egregious and repulsive about sexualizing, and normalizing, full on racism. The news is rife with stories of black men being profiled, assaulted and killed by white police officers. Turning this painful reality into jerk-off material is gross.

The company behind the site, Skywire Cash, also has straight sites that cater to interracial sex, always with  one dominating the other. has Asian women being fucked by black men; has middle eastern women in hijabs getting fucked by western men. That these sites are out there illustrates how desperate some people are to make a buck in porn, anyway they can.

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