March 7, 2017 | Porn Stars

Former porn model accuses straight studios of homophobia

The name Christopher Zeidschegg may not mean a lot to any of you; his porn name, Danny Wylde, might ring a few bells, though. He worked in the industry for about a decade, shooting for both gay and straight studios, and appeared in almost 600 scenes.
He is no longer working in the biz, though he was recently profiled in the British paper The Independent. The article provides an interesting perspective on the industry as a whole.
Zeischegg explained that he tried out for a porn shoot for a “crazy, one-time experience." From there, he met with other producers in Los Angeles and a star was born.
He pointed out that men do make less money in porn than women, but said that men have longevity on their side.
“There's much less work than there used to be, and so many more performers. If we're talking about straight porn, the guys can work for the same company over and over again," he explained. "While the women may have to wait months, or even a year, before they can shoot for the same company or website.”
When he started, Zeischegg -- who identifies as bisexual -- would often shoot gay porn. 
“I hadn't yet learned about the stigma of 'crossover' male performers (those who have done both gay and straight porn),” he said, arguing that part of this was because, at the time, gay and straight studios handled health issues differently. In straight porn, there were frequent STI tests but no condoms, but in gay porn bareback was not an option, though there was little testing for STIs.
“When I listened to many people talk about why they were against 'crossover' performers, it seemed to have more to do with homophobia than anything else," he added. "But whatever. People have the right to have sex with whoever they want. If my attraction to men bums someone out, we don't have to have sex."
A few hospital stays for priapism (a prolonged erection) due to using erection meds ended his career. 
“Over the course of an eight year career, I ended up in the emergency room three times. All for priapism. After the third time, a doctor said to me that if I kept using the drugs, I could cause some serious long-term damage, like scar tissue build up in my penis, which could lead to impotence. I quit performing in porn the following day,” he said. 
You can read the full article on Zeischegg here.

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