January 31, 2017 | Sex Life

Demystifying the uncut cock

Some men prefer cut cock. Others like dicks with the foreskin intact.

Often this has to do with one's own equipment. If you are used to seeing foreskin, you probably don't think much about someone else who has it. However, if you have only seen men with circumcised members, seeing a wrapped up weeny might put you off at first.

Despite what anyone says, there is nothing wrong with either.

Lesbian vlogger Arielle Scarcella wanted to get to the meat of the matter and invited a gay couple into her boudoir to discuss cut versus uncut cocks.

“I realized that many men, gay or straight, with uncut penises, face the same stigmas that most women with vaginas face,” Scarcella said. “People assume it smells bad, it looks ugly and it’s often shamed when it’s natural.”

Now, the opinions in this video are those of the participants and you may or may not agree with their view of foreskin. (But if you ask us, all cock is good cock. Well, okay ... for us all clean cock is good cock.)

Cut and uncut cock

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