January 3, 2017 | Hotties

Netflix star's porn past exposed

Joaquin Ferreira

Argentinian actor Joaquin Ferreira has never been shy about pulling out his penis for a role. 

He stripped down for a part in the stage play 23 Centimetros, letting his impressive dick bob and bounce for (hopefully) an appreciative audience. It may have been enough exposure to catch the eye of a Netflix casting agent; Ferreira is now appearing in the online soccer-based series Club de Cuervos. (And yes, his cock shows up once or twice in the series!)

Joaquin Ferreira

But there's more! Ferreira once worked in straight porn. His stage name: Danny Dynamo. Sadly, most of the pictures involving Ferreira include that impressive piece of meat covered up by some gal's vajayjay (not cool!). This is the best image we could find from his work in porn.

Danny Dynamo

Here's hoping we see more of Ferreira's cock in 2017!

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