December 31, 2016 | Funny Bits

Saying goodbye to 2016 with a few laughs

Yes, 2016 ends tonight. For many, the new year couldn't come soon enough, with the last 12 months filled with heartache and frustration. Let's hope against hope for a better 2017.

But sometimes it's better to laugh than cry. With that in mind, here are some of the funnier videos of 2016 to help bring a smile to your face!

This year, there was a lot of fuss about where trans people go pee. Luckily, Officer Tammy Cox and the Bathroom Police are ready to take action!

But magician Justin Willman explained that restroom choice shouldn't be such a big issue.


There's a new kind of hero in town, but his special power may be a little more "super" than you think.


This year, power twins Tegan and Sara released a new album. They also tried on a few new hairstyles!


Saturday Night Live might have gone viral a few times with its Alec-Baldwin-as-Trump skits, but they had a few other shining moments throughout the year. Like the time a young girl (Aidy Bryant) confused a porn shoot starring Dr. Rockhard (Adam Driver) for an actual doctor's office.


And finally, Maci Sumcox has some valuable advice about how to please your man: lick his sack!

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