December 29, 2016 | Hotties

Which male celebrity dick pics did we see this year?

Putting politics aside for a moment, 2016 has not been all bad. After all, we've been gifted with so many pretty penises courtesy of the Internet. And when those cocks belong to famous and semi-famous and sort-of-famous types, it's even better!

So we decided to do a quick countdown of the top nude pics from this year. See if any of your favorites made the list!

#9: Christopher Mason

Mason is a model who might be best known for appearing in a music video for Justin Bieber's ex, Selena Gomez. But he caught our eye when he took a rather revealing selfie!

Christopher Mason


#8: Ellis Lacy

Lacy is the first former reality TV star to make the list. He was a contestant on the British show X Factor, where he hoped to prove he had what to takes to make it in the music biz. He didn't. But he may have just won himself a lot of new fans after recent pics hit the Internet.

Ellis Lacey

Ellis Lacey


#7: Will Wikle

Wikle is another reality star who shared a little more than people expected this year by showing off his naked body. But we're not talking just a simple selfie; the former Big Brother contestant decided to take the plunge and become a porn model. His first stop: Cocky Boys!

Will Wikle


#6: Adam Von Rothfelder

We've never heard the name Adam Von Rothfelder before his sexy images landed online. Apparently he's a personal trainer and he appeared on NBC's Strong (where women are paired with personal trainers and take on an obstacle course.)

Adam Von Rothfelder


#5: Justin Bieber

Some of you might be shocked that Bieber only landed at the number five spot on this list, especially since naked pictures of the pop star have leaked not once but twice this year. Still, give this Canadian singer his props; he does have a lovely prick.

Justin Bieber naked

Justin Bieber naked


#4: Aaron Moody

For some time, Bigwhitecock20 was teasing the Internet with his thick dick with frequent posts on Tumblr. But an Internet sleuth did a little digging and discovered that the schlong actually belonged to a 19-year-old British soccer player named Aaron Moody. That thing is so big it's been given its own team uniform to wear during games!

Aaron Moody

Aaron Moody


#3: Brandon Mayers

Yep, Mayers is yet another reality TV star letting it all hang out (and there's a lot of show!). Mayers appeared on MTV's Ex on the Beach, but in reality it's his dick that is really making waves!

Brandon Mayers


#2: Louis Smith

We've always wanted Tom Daley's dick pics to leak. Until then, we are quite happy to settle for fellow Olympian Smith's naughty images! Gymnastics does a body good ...

Louis Smith

Louis Smith naked gif


#1. Orlando Bloom

First of all, Bloom's pictures reveal an admirable confidence with being nude and that's all sorts of sexy. He's also a hottie, and his perky package brings a smile to our faces.

Orlando Bloom naked

Orlando Bloom naked ass

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