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Lush videos showcase stunning Italian, Mediterranean and Latin American models. While most scenes from the Kazan DVDs are streaming only, there are downloads for the web-only releases.

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419 (avg. 10 min.)  DRM: varying levels; most videos from DVDs streams only; no DRM on web-exclusive videos.

WMV (download); 960x540;  2000k  (20% of videos)
QuickTime (download); 960x540;  2000k  (20% of videos)
Flash (stream); 620x470;  ?_k  (20% of videos)

Photos - 315 sets of 100 images

Members have full access to both a mobile-friendly and desktop version of the site.

interviews; photo sessions

Amazing models from Italy, the Mediterranean and Latin America.
Most of the best scenes are streaming-only; no search.

Review date: October 2014

Legendary porn director Lucas Kazan has completely crystallized his web presence and re-defined his brand. Lucas Kazan is a marriage of web-exclusive videos and scenes from the studio's famous DVD titles. Both the web videos and the DVD scenes star stunning young talent from Italy and the rest of Europe, Central America and even North Africa. The video playback quality is very good, and you can download and keep the web-exclusive episodes; however most scenes from the DVDs stream only. However, the new responsive design is seamless for desktop and mobile, and smartphone access works for both Apple and Android.


When you first enter the site on the non-members homepage you'll see bold graphics set in a gold and white palette on a black background. But its the looks of these models that will really get your attention. Young, muscular, and very handsome is what immediately strikes you, followed by the sense that they look European. And they are, mostly from Italy.

The non-member's homepage is topped with the two "New Exclusive Updates" followed by ten by "Featured Scenes." Click on one of the images for an explicit preview video clip from one of the web episodes, or from the gorgeous Lucas Kazan DVD productions. Then you can scroll down the page and click on "Featured Men" or "More Men" to look at any model profile and find out which scenes that particular man appears in.


Buttons across the top of every page on the site will guide you to the videos, the images, and the model roster. The "Updates" area has all the web videos, "Films" has all the scenes from DVDs, "Photos" has all the image galleries, and "Men" is the model roster. Just for fun, start with the "Men", where you can sort by name, rating, and cock size. On each model's page there are links to his video scenes and his image gallery. Once you enter the "Films" area, the scenes from DVDs are listed under either "Short Films" (scenes), or "Full Length" films.

There is no search of any kind on this site, or any way to drill down by man type or sex type. Also there is some overlap between the main sections. Everything except the DVD scenes are found in the "Updates" pages. But in the "Reality Series" you'll find a subset of what is in "Updates," limited to the "XXXCastings" and the "Private Sex Files" categories.

The Men and the Action

After you realize how gorgeous they are, the next thing you'll notice about many Lucas Kazan models is that you've never seen them before. The reason is that they aren't a part of the North American porn scene. There are 120 sultry, well-muscled men, most in their 20's, including many Italians and Latin Americans. With names like Gennaro, Marco, and Leonardo, you'll see lots of olive skin, soulful dark eyes, smooth or lightly hairy chests, and lots of large, uncut cocks. There's a good mix of tops and bottoms. Whether they appear in solo or hardcore action, indoors, or in one of the gorgeous European locations, these masculine, natural-looking models are beautifully showcased in very good quality productions.

Different types of activity include solo, duo, and group scenes from the lush DVDs and short videos. Under "Reality" you'll find web-exclusive solo "Casting" videos and "Sex Files" videos. Just to tease you there are also a couple of scenes from famous director Kristen Bjorn thrown in. The additional videos on the site are either interviews, photo sessions or travel footage.

Video Details

You may already be a fan of Lucas Kazan's feature length porn movies. These are often shot in gorgeous locations and are always perfectly lit, featuring a range of camera angles and close-ups. There are often romantic story lines, as one incredibly handsome young guy longs for the other, accompanied by beautiful music. These scenes are taken from a variety of famous DVD titles. The viewing quality is very good, but most stream only and only about 20% are high-definition.

The rest of the videos are web-exclusive and include a number of different types of interactions with models: such as Solos and Duos, XXX Castings, the "Private Sex Files", and a few non-explicit photo sessions, interviews, and photo shoots. These are definitely good quality but the camera work, including poses and close-ups, is not as polished as in the DVD scenes. This means no close-ups, a static quality to some videos, and some missed or not well-caught cum shots. Also, in some of the "Private Sex Files" videos the camera does not move, Ettore Tosi is featured too frequently, and the face of one partner is blurred out. Some of the behind the scenes videos may be of interest only to rabid fans.

There are now 465 videos served up by Kazan and his creative team. They average 10-15 minutes in length, and there is one update of the sex scenes approximately every ten days. Most videos from the famous DVD line stream only, so you cannot keep them, but the web-exclusive videos have no DRM and can be downloaded.

All videos play in an embedded Flash player and are available in three to four sizes. The HD vids, those added since 2011, have a default size of 960x540 pixels; older ones are 620x470. The player allows you to size up to full screen with a varying loss of clarity. Unfortunately, the Flash streams are your only viewing option for videos in the "Films" section of the site, which have the most professional production values.

Videos in the "Reality" section are also available for download in Windows Media and Quicktime formats, with newer ones playing in a 960x540 window. The Windows Media files have bitrates from 1000 to 2000 kbps, the Quicktime vids from 1600 to 2000 kbps. There is no DRM on these downloadable videos.

Screens: There is now a responsive desktop to mobile version of the site and the smartphone access is both Apple and Android friendly. Video specs for those rendered in high-definition are suitable for displaying on a large TV screen.

Image and Other Content

The image sets are very good quality and can be found in the following areas:
"Films": Under "Short Films" you'll find image sets averaging 10 images each.
"Men": Most of the model profiles have at least one image gallery averaging 30 pics each.
"Photos": There are image galleries of solos and duos averaging 30 pics each.

Summing Up

This presentation of Lucas Kazan's classic videos and his newer web content is mainly enjoyable. The studio has an eye for very hot looking young Italian and Latin American men; and in the scenes from DVDs they are beautifully showcased. The web videos, particularly the "Private Sex Files", are less polished one-camera shoots. Your real value as a member comes with the newer web videos and opportunity to enjoy many beautifully shot scenes from Kazan's iconic movies. A worthwhile journey.

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Quality 28/33
Quantity 16/20
Personality 5/5
Video Options 5/6
Updates 2/6
Content 55/70
Tour 4/5
Usability 11/15
Fairness 5/5
Value 4/5
User-friendly 24/30

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Condoms: Yes
Condoms used in fuck scenes.
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BananaGuide Price
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Lucas Kazan is operated by Lucas Kazan Productions and has been online since 2003.

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