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Extra Big Dicks offers HD videos that specialize in a big-dicked studs in hardcore action. Part of the Pride Studios network.

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470 (avg. 12 min.)  No DRM
MP4 (stream/dwnld); 1920x1080;  5000k  (15% of videos)

Mixed photos and vidcaps -453 sets of 130 images

Members have full access to both a mobile-friendly and desktop version of the site.


Stunning HD videos; lots of big cocks.
Pre-checked cross sell to another site; poor tour; very oldest videos are below average quality.

Review date: November 2014

[See the review of Pride Studios for a description of the other sites included with Extra Big Dicks]

The men of Extra Big Dicks definitely prove that bigger is better. Such a simple idea, really. Just find a bunch of enthusiastic guys with big dicks who want to do porn and showcase them all on one site. Call it: Extra Big Dicks, then watch as it becomes one of the most popular on the Pride Studio's network. The site has a great design and video options and the videos shot in HD videos are really superior, those some of the oldest can't compare.


It's certainly not an extra big tour: you don't get to peruse the video index. You're limited to a grid of a couple dozen of most popular and most recent videos. Click on "page two" of either of these indexes and you go right to the sign-up page. And you don't even get to watch the video previews for all of them: you're limited to just five. Bigger is better when it comes to tours, and this site comes up short.

When you go to sign-up, it's a three step process, and watch out on page 3) "Membership Activation" as there is a pre-checked trial offer to another site, which you should uncheck. Also on this page - if you are signing up for a trial - the claim that "your membership includes unlimited downloads" is not true because trials are streaming only.


The new design looks great; you are essentially taken into the Extra Big Dicks subset of content within the Pride Studios site. The menu choices at the top of the page are for all of the sites in the network; further down the page you'll find the menu for CJB specifically.

There is limited search for this large collection, though you can sort by latest episode, upcoming, or most popular. There is a general search box that allows a universal site search (description text included) and some of the videos have keywords assigned to them, though they aren't clickable. There is a model index and model names are cross-referenced between all the videos.

The Men and the Action

Extra Big Dicks is filmed in South Beach, Miami and features a mix of true amateur guys and more experienced guys with major meat. We hate to define these lucky fuckers by only one characteristic but, hey, the site is called Extra Big Dicks ! In this case, the men are 19-36 and are mostly Anglo, with some Latinos and a few African-American guys. There are all the body types and sizes, and there are some 10 inch whoppers! We find them in solo, duo, or group performances. Who knows why, but this many big dicks has a hypnotic effect: "You are falling into a trance, your butthole is gradually widening." For many of the videos there is a detailed and often funny text description. In many of the videos there is a "Behind The Scenes" interview video so you can get to know the guys a little better.

Video Details

The latest 50% of videos (filmed since April, 2010) are shot with two HD cameras that move continuously around the models to get plenty of of medium and close-up shots. We now get to see the cumshots from multiple angles, and in slow motion. Video quality varies according to when the videos were shot; recent ones since 2010 are excellent, while the oldest are only average.

As of review time we counted 470 video sessions with accompanying picture sets. The videos average 12 minutes in length. That adds up to who knows how many hours of fun, and who knows how many feet of cock! The site is updated with a fresh DRM-free video about every 10 days.

For the most recent 50% of videos (added since mid-2010) you can download or stream in MP4 format in four or five different qualities, the best of which are true high-definition, with bitrates from 3,000 to 6,000 kbps; for most of these the top size is 1080x720, but those added since June, 2013 (about 15% of the total) are 1920x1080. The oldest 100 videos, made before mid-2007, have a maximum size around 640x480 (though this varies a lot) with bitrates from 1300 to 2000 kbps; despite the decent bitrates, the quality of these is below average.

Screens: The new design is adaptable to any sized screen. Those videos sized at 720p and 1080p are designed for large screen viewing and look great on a TV screen.

Image and Other Content

Well-designed galleries accompany every model shoot and feature a mixture of 800x600 video captures and digital pictures. The images are very good quality and follow the model's progress through the shoot, ending with the cumshot. The galleries average 130 images.

Extra Big Dicks "Bonus" content includes the other three sites in your Pride Studios membership, for a total of 3000 videos you can stream or download.

Summing Up

Extra Big Dicks is a high quality showcase for guys with big dicks from all over the U.S. Under the control of the new owners of the EBD studio, we're pleased to tell you that the friendly atmosphere and great performances continue. And the quality of the HD videos is excellent. So don't hesitate to take advantage of the expanded Pride Studios and enjoy the extra big dicks, along with tons more videos spread across the other sites, all for a great price.

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Quality 27/33
Quantity 16/20
Personality 5/5
Video Options 6/6
Updates 2/6
Content 56/70
Tour 3/5
Usability 12/15
Fairness 4/5
Value 4/5
User-friendly 23/30

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Condoms: Yes
Condoms used in fuck scenes.
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BananaGuide Price
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Extra Big Dicks is operated by Next Door Entertainment and has been online since 2006.