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Super-cute Corbin Fisher models get it on with the ladies, but while older scenes features bisexual action, new ones are all boy-girl.

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732 (avg. 15 min.)  No DRM
Very recent videos are high-definition MP4s
WMV (download); 960x540;  1800k  (75% of videos)
QuickTime (download); 960x540;  1800k  (75% of videos)
WMV (stream); 320x240;  350k  (65% of videos)

Photos - 732 sets of 15 images
Vidcaps - 732 sets of 40 images

Members have full access to both a mobile-friendly and desktop version of the site.

Fast downloads; great design.
Only guy + girl scenes since October, 2012.

Review date: June 2014

There is something extra-sexy about the young studs of Corbin Fisher launching their hard dicks at beautiful young women. And that's what this site is all about. American College Sex has changed its focus: before October, 2012 it was the place to find superior quality bisexual action by the same team who bring you Corbin Fisher's American College Men (ACM). One of the attractions of American College Sex was that the very same models who used condoms on ACM would sometimes have bareback sex with each other on American College Sex. But now that ACM features condomless fucking on a regular basis, the bi- emphasis of American College Sex has been dropped: since October, 2012 all scenes are one guy with one girl, making it essentially a straight fuck site, though with lots of focus on the men.


The tours for both American College Sex and American College Men are within the Corbin Fisher free area. Under the heading "Campus Tour" you'll be able to scroll through the many pages of the episode index. There are detailed text descriptions and one large and several small non-explicit photos, but there are no preview clips.


American College Sex is presented in a crisp and pleasant blue and yellow theme; navigation through the site is fast and smooth. The homepage is also the first page of the episode index. The girls in the scene are named in the title but not shown in the image for that scene. On the individual episode page you'll also find options to stream and download the video, along with an image gallery and text description. There are buttons across the top of every page for the model roster and the various other features. You can search for models by name; or for action type, such as solo (one guy and a girl) or duo (two guys and a girl); or select by most popular scenes.

The Men and the Action

The masculine young guys on the site are without doubt very hot. And the women in the American College Sex videos appear thrilled to be involved, maybe because the men they work with on these porn shoots are far cuter than the regular straight guys they usually get paired with. Some of these stunning guys appear more experienced with women than others, which gives the sex scenes more realism. There are usually no themes or elaborate stories, but there are detailed text description of the session and the events leading up to it.

Over two-thirds of the videos on this site consist of one guy with a girl, while most of the remaining ones are tag team episodes with two guys and a girl. In mid-2009, the men started fucking each other without condoms, a trend that eventually carried over to the all-male American College Men. As of fall, 2012, the tag team videos have stopped and all the videos are guy and girl, though the camera focuses a lot on the man.

Video Details

These two-camera shoots are of very good quality. The light levels are nearly perfect throughout, the sound is clear, and there is a nice variety of poses and of medium and close-up shots. We'd like to see a few more lingering close-ups on these cute collegiate boys, but we do understand, this site is about seeing the guys and the girls together. As for the all-important cumshots, almost every one of them is caught.

At review time American College Sex has more than 732 action sessions, all of which include the featured guy (or guys) and a cute female partner. The average length of the videos is 15 minutes. There is a full video update each week and there is no DRM protection.

There are several video options. You can download in Windows Media and Quicktime at two different speeds. You can stream in Windows Media and there are mobile options as well. (As of this review, the site had just started adding high-def MP4 downloads (1280x720; 3600 kbps), but dropped Windows Media as a format option.)

About 75% of the Windows Mediadownloads play in a 960x540 window. While some of these vids have bitrates up to 4000 kbps, for the most part they are aroudn 1800 kbps. You cannot force these downloads to stream immediately, but they don't take long to download.

Mac note: Quicktime (MOV) downloads are available for about 75% of the videos, playing in a 960x540 window, 1800 kbps.

Mobile note: About 75% of the videos are in M4V (H264) format, sized at 320x180 pixels, ideal for download to iPods and iPhones. In addition, there is a fully iPhone compatible version of the site, making it easy to navigate and stream direct to your device.

Image and Other Content

Most of the sessions have good quality digital picture galleries (of about 15 pics) and video capture galleries (of about 40 pics). The images are large and can be downloaded as zip files or viewed as slide shows.

Summing Up

American College Sex focuses the resources of the mighty Corbin Fisher team on super-cute collegiate boys enjoying the exotic pleasures of pussy. But while the camera focus does favor the male, new videos are strictly guy and girl pairings.

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Quality 28/33
Quantity 19/20
Personality 4/5
Video Options 6/6
Updates 4/6
Content 60/70
Tour 3/5
Usability 14/15
Fairness 4/5
Value 4/5
User-friendly 25/30

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Condoms: No
Condoms often not used.
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5 day: $19.95
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30 day: $24.95
(rebills @ $24.95)

30 day: $29.95
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American College Sex is operated by Liberty Media Holdings and has been online since 2006.

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